Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Personal Reflection

Generally speaking, I find book reports soul-destroying. Yet, I cannot debate their importance to a reader. This ISU has not only forced me to read a novel which I would otherwise be unlikely to read, but it has allowed me to make connections about the story that I would not normally recognize. Through reading critically and discovering other’s opinions on the book, I have helped solidify my own ideas about Life of Pi on my own. It has given me an excuse to research Yann Martel, the author, on my own, as well as learn about his importance as a Canadian writer. I also enjoyed learning about Polti's 36 dramatic situations in detail. I think it's pretty amazing how they can cover pretty much every story that can be written.

As an English student, I have learned a couple of lessons. When you have almost three months to do a project, do the individual due dates. Had I have done this, a lot of stress on my part would have been resolved. Furthermore, I also found that this project was a lot more fun once it was started, and ideas flowed much easier once I started writing. It's only bringing yourself to that first attempt that makes things difficult.

As for the book I read, Life of Pi, I absolutely loved the book. It combined theology with zoology and taught me a great deal about those topics, connecting them in a way that has altered mty perspectives on a great deal of things, such as zoos, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. Interestingly enough, it made a very powerful justification for zoos to my vegetarian mind. Overall, this book was one of the best books I have ever read, and I enjoyed exploring it through this ISU.

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  1. This is a nice reflection, but you posted it after the due date. Fortunately, it carries the least weight of the three tasks.